Batik pattern - the summer trend 2020

Batikmuster - der Sommertrend 2020

Batik: The trend for the spring and summer season 2020

Batik stands for cool patterns, DIY character and individuality. Many of us are familiar with the 90's fabric dyeing technique and now the trend is returning.

What is batik and where does the technique come from?

Batik is a textile dyeing process in which patterns and decorations are created by tying, knotting and wrapping a fabric. The dyeing technique has its origins in Peru and Indonesia, where it is still used today. In the 1970s, the first hippies became aware of the colorful patterns.

What's so special about tie-dye patterns?

Each piece of clothing is unique. Due to the diversity of technology, each piece of clothing can be individually designed. Our blouses are also individually designed so that none of the blouses have the same pattern. In the category NEW IN you will find all our products in the batik trend.

With our batik shirt for women made of 100% viscose you are an absolute trendsetter this summer. The shirt in the oversized look is very comfortable to wear and is perfect for everyday summer wear. There are many variations for a casual look. Whether on the beach over a bikini or combined with casual light-colored jeans - the shirt ensures relaxed summer freshness. If you like it a little more airy, you can grab our sleeveless version as Top and we also offer Mini Me Looks in the trendy batik pattern!

Styling tips for the tie-dye trend:

Styling Tip#1:

- do not style with other colorful patterns

Styling tip #2:

tie-dye patterns go well with denim

Styling tip #3:


accessories like a hat or summer jewelry

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