Fashion trends in 2021

Fashion Trends in 2021

Today we present you some new fashion trends for the year 2021. As every year, there are new trends this year that you absolutely have to try! In this article we will show you what these are and how you can combine them.

Bags with chains and quilted pattern

Bags with chain details are particularly popular at the moment. It doesn't matter whether it's silver or gold, large solid chains are very trendy. In addition, bags with quilted patterns, which are also called “padded bags”, are very popular.

Drab sunglasses

Monotonous sunglasses are also absolute must-haves this year. The monotonous sunglasses in classic black look the coolest. But of course you can also choose any other color. This trend ensures that the frames and lenses of the sunglasses are the same colour.

Pants with slit

Pants with side slits are real eye catchers. These are currently available in many variants. Leggings and jeans with a slit are particularly popular. The trousers are versatile, as they can be worn elegantly - with high heels or boots - or combined casually with cool sneakers and a sweatshirt.

Sweatpants / Loungewear

In 2021, cosiness will be a top priority. In the current times of homeschooling, home office and online lectures, this trend is unavoidable. However, jogging pants are no longer just seen as comfortable pants for at home or as sportswear - this trend piece is being styled more and more often for going out.

We've shot a few looks for you that you can easily recreate. See what you like and let your creativity run free.

We have combined our SOULMATE Sweater with trendy slit jeans, a trendy bag and monotonous black sunglasses. Add stylish boots - our first look is ready.

Our trendy WE sweater for women goes perfectly with the eye-catching bag with chains. We styled it with leggings with slits on the sides and a shirt with a collar. The black cap and sunglasses complete the look.

Our third outfit offers a somewhat sportier and more comfortable look, with our DREAMTEAM sweater. We have combined blue, wide jogging pants with cool black sunglasses and white Air Force 1.

How do you like our looks? And what would you most like to have in your closet as soon as possible?

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