May 9th is Mother's Day! A day when we just say thank you to all mums - for everything they do for us every day and give them a lot of attention. Whether with a pretty bouquet of flowers, a picture you have painted yourself or breakfast in bed.

Every day should actually be Mother's Day, right? Because every mom is a heroine! She uses her superpowers to heal little aches and pains, picks up the kids with the supermobile and is always there for you.

That's why we think it's a nice ritual to dedicate this day entirely to all moms. The relationship with the mother will always be very special and we want to celebrate that. Even if many cannot see their family in person during this uncertain time - take the time and tell your mom how much she means to you. Even if it's just over the phone or FaceTime. You are guaranteed to put a smile on her face. At the end of this post we will show you the most beautiful gift ideas for Mother's Day.

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But before that there is:

10 reasons why mom is simply the best

...because she's your biggest fan

It doesn't matter if it's your first time holding a spoon by yourself, taking your first steps or passing your driving test. Moms are always the first to share your happiness no matter what you do.

...because she's always forgiving

Even if your favorite vase broke while playing, or hurtful words were said in an argument that were perhaps not meant at all - a mum forgives everything because she loves her children unconditionally.

...because she's always there for a goodnight story and a goodnight kiss

Moms are simply the best. How many hours has your mom spent looking for your favorite stuffed animal to help you fall asleep? Or searching your room for monsters when you've had a nightmare? They are always there when one is fighting sleep and needs loving closeness to fall asleep.

...because she always knows what to do

Whether it's homework and mom has to step in because you don't understand the assignment, or you've moved out and don't know how the washing machine works. Mama always knows what to do and is always available with advice and action.

...because she always knows how to embarrass you

Moms have the unique ability to embarrass you anywhere. And even if it's super embarrassing when she kisses you in front of all your classmates, we have to admit: afterwards it's usually really funny.

...because no one is as honest as she

You can rely on mom. She is the one who will always give you her honest opinion because she only wants the best for you. And over time we all realize that it is often not so wrong to accept well-intentioned advice or criticism from mom.

...because she's just the best cook

It always tastes best at mom's! Above all, your very favorite food that will always remind you of your childhood. Day after day, our mums are in the kitchen to make their families happy. How about spoiling your moms with a delicious dinner today? Think about what she particularly likes and take care of the preparation - and don't forget to clean up afterwards!

...because she always takes the time to drive you from A to B

It doesn't matter whether it's at school, visiting the doctor or at the first party. If you don't come home, mom is always ready to play taxi. It doesn't matter whether it's 1 a.m. or 7 a.m., mom is in the car to collect her protégés.

...because she has the coolest style

No one is as cool as mom Whether it's on the playground, in the supermarket, at a girls' night out with friends - or even in the morning after getting up. Mom always looks good. Especially in the Mini-Me partner look with your little ones.

...because she's just the greatest role model

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We learned the most important things in our life from our parents. Our attitude towards life, how we see the world and how we treat others. Moms show us that you can do anything, even if a situation seems hopeless. They give us the freedom to develop ourselves and give us courage when we don't believe in ourselves. Every mother wants to be the best role model for her children - and they succeed quite well!

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You want to make your mom happy? Or your best friend who just became a mom? Here are some cool gift inspirations for Mother's Day.

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