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Jumpers are real all-rounders - modern cuts, high-quality materials and beautiful colors as well as different motifs guarantee the perfect look for men, women and the little ones. In a common partner look, the chic pullover are more than "just" a piece of clothing , much more they become a strong statement! At FAMVIBES you will find super sweet and really stylish sets with which the fashionable partner look in a pullover is guaranteed to be successful.


A partner look is not just a partner look. It is conceivable, for example, between two people in love, but also in the family, such as with father and son or mother and daughter. Individuality is guaranteed by loving details in the styling, such as accessories, with which half of the partner look can continue to develop freely in Fashion. For couples who just fell in love, this doesn't have to be cheesy. Sweaters embody a relaxed and flexible look, as they can be combined, for example, with an underlying t-shirt or, more elegantly, with a shirt. It is the fashion flexibility gained through this that makes such sweaters a chic alternative for both men and women. Cool embroidery also ensures that you can send a strong message to the world at the same time!

For all those who always have a funny saying on their lips anyway, such a jumper in a partner look is guaranteed to be a good choice. Equally interesting are the partner looks that are worn by the whole family or at least by their own children. There are also many options here, and it is only natural that the appearance of father and son and mother and daughter should be coordinated. In addition to the chic look, pullovers are also very practical all-rounders. They cut a fine figure when romping around or going on nature trips, as well as during a leisurely shopping trip or hanging out with friends. So there is no "unsuitable" sweater, thanks to the beautiful prints and slogans that clearly tell everyone else: we belong together!


With adults, it's easy to decide on a joint partner look in a sweater. Especially during a trip, the partner look in a sweater can be used to capture great pictures against impressive backdrops. So you can capture wonderful moments and enjoy them even after the trip. Our sweater Travelbuddy is absolutely suitable for travel, but many other motifs can also be styled wonderfully in a partner look. Appropriate sizes and sometimes different cuts, for example a little more fitted and shorter for women, while men prefer slightly larger shoulder widths, are of course always taken into account by our designers.

The fact that children love the partner look in a pullover is practically inevitable. Most parents are familiar with phrases like: "I would like a t-shirt like you" or "Mom / Dad, but your sweater is nice, can I wear it? They fall more often than young parents initially think, because children naturally see Mom and dad as a role model worth emulating, so such a fam vibes partner look is a great way to fulfill that dream and need of the little ones fulfill.

In our range you will find many different sweaters for a stylish partner look, whether in the mini-me version with the children or simply together with your loved ones. The partner look sweaters on offer are not only characterized by a natural uniform design, but also by high quality and first-class wearing comfort. You can practically order them directly as a set, so you don't have to search long for the right sizes for your better half or your offspring.

For those who prefer something more discreet, the FAMVIBES range includes understated, minimalist designs and small embroideries. For those who prefer bold designs, the fam vibes range also includes larger prints or colourful, eye-catching sayings that draw the eye and create magical contrasts in their own look. Your order will be sent to the specified address as soon as possible, so that you and your loved ones will soon be perfectly styled and can conquer the catwalks of the world or at least your city as a team!


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