BABIES - sweaters

Cuddly, timeless, comfortable - baby sweater for your darling

Small children love the cuddly, soft baby sweaters from fam vibes. As a young, innovative label, we focus on quality and the positive aura of our clothing. Our small and large customers should identify with the products we offer and feel completely comfortable when wearing them. Are you looking for a great baby sweatshirt for your little darling or for an unusual gift, you've come to the right place.

With a positive feeling throughout the day

Our chic sweaters are all-rounders for every occasion. Whether it's a toddler group, daycare, kindergarten, playground or at home - in a sweater from fam vibes the little ones have enough freedom to move around and discover the world. Every day is fun and exciting. In the game, your child learns to cope with everyday life and gains self-confidence. It's nice to know that your sunshine is comfortable in her clothes. When your baby comes to you and wants to be held in your arms to be cuddled, you can enjoy the pleasant feel of the high-quality, soft fabrics in our baby sweaters. The stylish embroideries and cute statement prints will put a smile on your face and everyone who sees you. This is what we want to achieve with our fashion label. The combination of fam for family and vibes for a positive feeling - all day long.

Our specialty - Mini Me Looks

The deep feeling of togetherness between your little darling and you is unique? Would you like to show your happiness to the whole world? Our Mini Me looks for mum and daughter and dad and daughter give you the opportunity. You can also wear the sweaters as a family. With your uniform appearance you create a special family feeling. You show those around you how important you are to each other and how much love connects you. Of course you attract attention in public and put a smile on the face of many passers-by. A tip: Our customers are happy to buy the sweaters in a partner look as timeless items of clothing for family photo shoots. The special time with your little baby can be immortalized in unique family pictures.

Baby sweater from fam vibes - the original gift idea

Are you looking for a special gift for a small child? Browse through our great sweaters and find the motif that best reflects the character of the boy or girl you are gifting. If you are looking for an original present for a cheeky tomboy, the lettering KEEP YOU WILD fits perfectly. If the sweet girl or little boy is a little shy and likes to discover the world alongside a trusted adult, the TEAM LOVE imprint goes well with the character. Whatever you decide or how you interpret our lettering - we are sure that you will hit the bull's eye with our cool baby sweaters as a gift.

Cuddly companions for cool hours

Our baby sweaters are cuddly and cozy companions for cool hours. Dressing according to the onion skin principle is a must, especially in spring and autumn, to prevent runny noses and annoying colds. Good if a soft sweater is at hand. Little girls wear it over pretty dresses and skilfully combine it with skirts, while boys make a casual impression in trousers and sweaters. It's exciting to see how your child develops an affection for certain items of clothing at an early age. Baby jumpers from fam vibes definitely have the potential to become favourites. Luckily, due to their high quality, they can withstand frequent washing and are available to your little whirlwind the next day in new freshness.

Careful processing and great environmental awareness

One of the reasons why our sweaters are so popular with children, mums and dads is the selected, soft quality of the fabrics and careful workmanship. Snaps on the shoulder make it easier to put on and take off in small sizes. If the head fits easily through the neckline, changing clothes is done in no time at all and your darling will remember it as a pleasant experience. The slightly oversized look gives your child the freedom of movement it needs to be able to develop freely. The cuffs of the baby sweaters fit well, prevent the sleeves from slipping back and do not cut into the skin when worn. All items of clothing offered by our sustainable fashion label are made from eco-friendly dyed fabrics. The subtle colors and classic fonts give the sweatshirts a timeless look. If your darling didn't outgrow it, you'd probably never discard the sweater. Good that you can order it larger if you wish.

Have you become curious about our great baby sweaters or would you like to dress up in a partner look with your loved ones? Then browse through our great sweatshirts and choose your favorite motif at your leisure. It's great fun presenting yourself as a family. Of course you will receive all of our great sweatshirts for your sunshine individually. We hope you enjoy choosing and wearing our sweaters from fam vibes.