Dad Shirts & Sweatshirts

Dad T-Shirt: it has never been more stylish to celebrate being a dad

Bring a positive feeling into the world with a chic dad t-shirt! Whether it's parental leave, helping around the house or taking care of the offspring as a matter of course: the image of men or rather the typical role models are (thank God) breaking up more and more. Nowadays, the family is also the focus for many men and the fathers get involved. If you're one of them, simply express your pride with a papa t-shirt. We want to reach fathers who are proud of their children and also like to show this in public with our designs. The fashion label fam vibes has also recognized that the zeitgeist is changing more and more and not only focuses on fair and sustainable fashion, but also on a good feeling when wearing it. Whether you are a father, a child or a mother - everyone is sure to find what they are looking for on the fam vibes online site. For us, it is always important to create the balancing act between sustainability and subtle, timeless designs.

Your dad t-shirt: Made for everyday use!

Often many dad t-shirts either look very silly or they are of poor quality and fade quickly, so that after a few washes you will no longer be able to enjoy your dad t-shirt. Fortunately, the fashion label fam vibes relies on high-quality fabrics and corresponding production. All products and clothing items are finished in Germany. The fam vibes label wants to ensure that you and your family can dress together. For you as a man and father, there is a fine selection of tops or T-shirts. The Papa T-shirt, for example, is available in white or camel with the inscription "Daddy Cool". The Papa T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and is therefore even 100% vegan. It was produced sustainably and is therefore pleasantly loose and comfortable. Or you can opt for a dad t-shirt with the inscription "DAD - our hero", which you can get in the colors black and black. All shirts have subtle lettering, so you can easily combine the shirt with jeans or shorts in everyday life and in your free time.

Sweatshirts for spring or autumn

Not only can you cut a good figure with the papa t-shirt, but also with the sweatshirts that fam vibes has on offer for you. The sweatshirts are also made from 100% organic cotton, are 100% vegan and feel comfortable on the skin. They are light and loose, so you can combine them with jeans or chinos in spring or autumn. Such as the white sweatshirt with "Good company" printed on it, or the stylish black sweatshirt with "Travelbuddy" printed on the back. Last but not least, you can also choose the sweatshirt in dark blue "We. Are enough". You and your family against the rest of the world. With these tops you can skillfully, discreetly and yet fashionably make your very own statement when it comes to you and your family. In addition, the fam vibes label focuses on sustainability and a good environmental balance with its clothing.

How about a great partner look?

The fam vibes label doesn't just want to include father, mother and child(ren) as individuals when it comes to fashion or accessories. Instead, it should also be about the cohesion as a whole family, which you can express with fashion. How about a partner look for father and son, for example? Here fam vibes presents various tops such as shirts or sweaters that are available for you as a father as well as for your daughter or son. These tops are also 100% vegan and made from 100% organic cotton. You like to dress your son or daughter with this good feeling, don't you? Of course, there is also a partner look for mother and daughter, or mother and son, so that you can all combine and try them out to your heart's content.

Made for young families

You can see that the fam vibes label has made it its mission to harmoniously connect you as a family. Pretty and sustainable clothing in particular is a wonderful way to express that you are a family and that nothing can come between you so quickly.