KIDS - Shirts

Children's shirts by fam vibes: Strong fashion for strong teams!

You and your family, you are a great team! You stick together and go through life together. Simply express this belonging in your look and the look of your children! With the beautiful children's shirts from fam vibes, the fam look is easy! Because mum and dad like to wear the great designs just as much as the children do. Simple colours, great prints and snappy sayings simply go with every style of clothing. The loose cuts always give your child the freedom of movement it needs for healthy development in boisterous play.

Simple, timelessly beautiful design makes your shirt a perennial favourite

Simply white or grey, a cheeky slogan or a bit of sunshine on it: children's shirts from fam vibes simply go with everything. Skirt or pants, oversized with jeans and shorts, anything goes. And that applies to our little customers as well as to the big ones: If mum or dad want to wear the shirt in the same look, that's of course possible. Because the fam look naturally includes our children's shirts. The simple shirts are available for mum and daughter as well as for dad and son. Or maybe it can be the whole family? After all, shirts like our gray Crew Kids T-shirt are unisex! Fashion is usually a rather fleeting affair. One collection follows the next, colors and designs are constantly being reinvented. That's stressful. With fam vibes there is no such stress. We want you to feel comfortable in your clothes and to be able to identify with your shirts. That's why the shirts for children are designed so timelessly and simply. They actually have what it takes to be your favorite shirt!

Mini Me or a reference after all? Your decision!

The simple designs by fam vibes refer to each other. Here every single item of clothing finds a partner, two partners, three or more possible buddies: you combine your fashion according to your mood. And these pieces will definitely put you in a good mood! For you and your family it can always be the partner look. You might like to wear the same shirt as your partner or partners, dress up the same way as your daughter or son recognize references. It's the small deviations, the almost inconspicuous differences that are so much fun with the fam look. Is this really the exact same shirt? Often yes - but sometimes not. Play with the many similar designs, combine the children's shirts and your own shirts just the way it suits you!

Sustainably produced fashion that benefits the whole family - and more!

Children have sensitive skin. We know this. And that's why children's fashion from fam vibes is made from organic cotton. The sustainably grown cotton is as gentle on your children's skin as it is on your skin. And it protects nature. This is our attitude to life: With our shirts made of organically produced cotton, we want to create awareness that we actually only got this planet with its stunning, wonderfully diverse and so wonderfully finely tuned nature on loan from our children and grandchildren. It is up to us to take good care of it and one day to pass this gift on to others. We want to give you and your family this attitude towards life. The fact that the children's shirts from fam vibes are made from pure organic cotton is only one possibility. The other is the designs. Shirts with great prints and sayings like KEEP NATURE WILD bring our attitude to life directly into your fashion and thus into your everyday life!

Freedom for the kids!

You know the pictures from the press: Kate Hudson in a matching look with the offspring, Kim Kardashian in a matching look with daughter North West and so on. Does this fashion look child-friendly? Children's shirts from fam vibes have a wide cut. They have a fit that gives your child plenty of freedom of movement. Our models show it in the pictures: nobody sits still! How often do you see your child sitting still? Children explore the world through play and movement. In exuberant romping and climbing, they understand the basics of physics, train their motor skills and exercise their spatial imagination. And all this happens without any compulsion, simply out of the play instinct! We find this absolutely fascinating and want to support your child in learning. That's why the children's shirts from fam vibes are so loosely cut and sometimes even oversized. Our idea is that we offer children child-friendly cuts and designs - and you as a parent too! Because you can only romp around and enjoy everyday life with your family if your clothes allow you to move! When was the last time you went down the slide, pushed the swing up so far that the chains sag, or buried your feet in the sandpit?

Everything is just right here!

Pleasant cuts, appealing designs and timeless simplicity: children's shirts from fam vibes are simply great. Organic cotton is comfortable to wear and the fam look makes the whole family look good!