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SOULMATE - kids sweatshirt cream/ black

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With a cool baby sweatshirt from fam vibes, your little darling is always perfectly dressed. This is not only due to the excellent quality of the fam vibes textiles, but also to the slogans that make the ultimate statement. The family is the greatest asset in our society. Here we find love and safety and can pass it on. With the lovingly used texts on the sweatshirts you show your solidarity with your "Personal Team". In statements like "Team Love" or "Good Company," reflect the emotions, happiness, and all the many things your family gives you. Send the positive vibes out into the world and maybe do a little bit to make it a little more beautiful.


Happiness is only truly perfect when you can share it with others. So why just dress your baby in a great baby sweatshirt? You and your baby - you belong together - and you can show it proudly! Make the invisible bond of love visible to all! How does it work? Easier than you think! Our amazing baby sweaters are available in the fantastic Mini Me Set. Mother and child or father and child can enter the phase of life in a harmonious partner look and show the world that they are a real dream team. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters and much more are available at fam vibes for babies, children, women and men. The great products from fam vibes come in a handy double pack, but are also available separately. This way you can dress your whole family in a consistent look and emphasize what you have in common. "We are Fam Vibes!"


When you buy a baby sweatshirt from fam vibes, you can be sure that your little bundle of joy will be spoiled with great comfort. What good is the most beautiful sweater if it scratches and is uncomfortable? It will live a miserable existence in the back corner of the closet. The trendy textiles from fam vibes, which are made from 100% cotton, prove that there is another way. The high-quality materials are velvety soft and have a high cuddle factor. They hug the body and boast a unique, fluffy feel. And because babies always like to spill something or crawl through the dirtiest corners, the textile masterpieces of the family vibes are of course also absolutely robust and easy to clean. A mishap happens quickly. And surely it would be a shame if your all-time favorite baby sweatshirt had a major stain. For this reason, fam vibes has taken precautions and only selected durable materials. So you can wash the sweater again and again without losing its shape and color. Even if you have washed the baby sweatshirt many times, it still looks like you just bought it for a long time.


The cool styles from Fam Vibes are available in many different sizes. After all, the new sweater should go just as well with the little citizen of the world as it does with mum or dad. For the little ones, fam vibes has attached additional snaps to the collar of many models so that they are easy to put on and take off. With larger sizes, however, you can do without them, as they would be rather annoying. You can already dress your baby in a cool partner outfit. Fam Vibes offers you these pretty sweaters from size 62/68. Show off your newly minted offspring to the world with the pride they deserve. You deserve it! And if you both come along in the same look, you will surely get more than one look. Because showing emotions can be contagious. It wouldn't be surprising if some viewers, with the memory of the beautiful moments they experienced, continue their journey with an enchanted smile on their faces. Let the emotions speak!


Long gone are the days when sweatshirts were only worn for sport. Casual hoodies and co. have long since become an absolute must. When you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, there's no getting around sweatshirts. Especially trendy colors and cool sayings are simply part of the package if you don't want to lag behind when it comes to fashion. With a great baby sweatshirt, even the youngest ones show that they want to claim their place in the world and make a statement or two. Even the kids who have already outgrown the baby sweatshirt proudly wear their style, which is perfectly coordinated with mom and dad. To be like the "big ones" it's never too early to start. Being together strengthens! Children want to belong - and that starts with mom and dad. Whether a girl combines her look with an elegant outfit, or a boy dresses casually in jeans in a partner look with dad - the message gets through: We belong together! Bring them into the world with great products from fam vibes!