Mom Shirts & Sweatshirts

Our MAMA t-shirt collection - a small word with a big meaning

Find your ideal companion for the typical everyday mom life #MOMLIFE in our mom t-shirt collection. Our new collection with individual statements is made from 100% organic cotton and was produced fairly. Statements like GRATEFUL, MAMA and I AM A MOM. WHAT'S YOUR SUPERPOWER? catch the eye and can be proudly presented. We consciously choose harmonious color combinations for you, which can be styled sporty or elegant.

Our MAMA T-shirt with a heart fits into the fashion trend of minimalism

With its subtle colors, our MAMA shirt in white fits the fashion trend of minimalism. It gives your outfit that certain something with a loving and at the same time reserved embroidery. Our Mama T-shirt has a boxy cut and can be combined with jeans and an oversize blazer, for example. A minimalist clothing style underlines your personality. You leave out everything that would distract from your personality. What's left is yourself at your best. In your wardrobe you only combine your favorite pieces that can be perfectly combined with each other. Enjoy the freedom and harmony that results when you conjure up a harmonious and chic feel-good outfit with a flick of the wrist that convinces with minimalism.


Combine our Mama T-shirt with the imprint "I AM A MOM. WHAT'S YOUR SUPERPOWER?" with light colors such as white and beige. This makes the bright statement on the soft pink even more pronounced and looks harmonious and light. It is It's not always easy to be a mom. But we love it and the feeling of seeing your own children grow up is simply indescribable. Every day we collect all our strength and love and give it to our little ones - according to the motto of our t-shirt.

Gain time for your priorities

As a mother, we know what really counts in our lives: our family and our happiness. How good it is when we gain time by skilfully selecting easy-care items of clothing without compromising on comfort and style. Your fam vibes mom shirt is designed to last from the start to protect your time and our environment.

GRATEFUL - a t-shirt that expresses gratitude

Get involved in the beneficial emotional vibration of gratitude with the help of our GRATEFUL women's t-shirt. Along with love, joy and inspiration, gratitude is one of the vibrations that take our family life to a higher level. Together we change our world with our positive vibes for the better. A t-shirt for mums and everyone who wants to express their gratitude in style. Our fam vibes collection expands your wardrobe with durable classics that are worth investing in. With our fam vibes Mama T-shirts, we brighten up your life with sustainable, relaxed cuts, sophisticated details and positive vibes.