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MORE - Birth cards

Birth cards - minimalist and emotional at the same time

When a small miracle finally sees the light of day, there is great joy. Mom and Dad want to share this happy event with family, friends and acquaintances. Our birth cards in stylish designs make a wonderful gift and literally make the hearts of new parents beat faster. With them, it's easy to "share happiness with the world" and spread the wonderful emotions that move you. The ideal birth cards are designed with great attention to detail and are of high quality. They contain greetings, wishes and thoughts for the parents and the newborn.

Congratulations that come from the heart

Grandma & Grandpa, siblings, friends and colleagues - we all want to congratulate the proud parents on the birth of their child. Lovingly designed birth cards with sweet sayings clearly express the enthusiasm and also show the friends' appreciation of the new parents. We have also opted for particularly high-quality materials for the design. The birth cards shine with their creative spirit and thus offer the opportunity to "transport" emotions such as joy, love, happiness and euphoria in a refreshing way.

The baby is here! Send birth announcements and give joy

However, you don't have to wait until the new citizen has actually arrived to send the birthday greeting cards. Many happy events provide an opportunity to give greeting cards. Upcoming celebrations, such as the baby shower or the "child pee" or the baptism are the classic occasions on which you can congratulate loved ones with cards on the birth. As you can see, there are a wide variety of opportunities and options for sending beautiful birthday greeting cards.

Emotionality - stylishly packaged

Anyone who receives a card on the birth of a child will certainly be delighted with the greetings conveyed. Experience shows that cards of this type are not just read briefly and then disappear into the discard. They usually find a clearly visible place on a bulletin board, on a magnetic fridge or in other places. The special thing about this procedure is that you are reminded of the birth of the child every now and then in everyday life. Even if you are busy with something completely different. In this way, decorative birth cards quickly become an eye-catcher that puts a smile on your face. In general, many birth announcements or invitation cards sent on the occasion of a happy event are kept for many years. So it is common that one day they find their way from the pinboard into a small picture treasure chest, a memory box or a photo album. That way, even after decades, you can still take a look at it again and again. And who knows: maybe the good piece will appear on the child's 18th birthday or on its first day of training or study. In connection with a suitable gift, the card becomes an eye-catcher of a very special kind.

Leave a lasting impression

Birth cards are incredibly diverse in their visual and material properties. Whether it is made of decorative colored paper, fine cardboard or a special paper composition - the higher the quality of such a card, the easier it will be to leave a lasting impression. Especially if there is a beautiful motif or a sentimental saying on the front. Here it is important to pay attention to a harmonious combination of both when making your selection. The saying goes ideally with the mentality of the young family or maybe even picks up on a situation that connects the friends and the new parents with each other. In this way, a birth announcement also has a character of lasting value. According to an old tradition, pink-colored announcements are often sent when a girl is born. If a boy has seen the light of day, birth cards in a light blue design are ideal. We wanted to defy these traditions and developed cards that can be given as gifts for boys and girls. Our birth cards are stylish designs that can be purchased before the gender is announced. Anyone who buys our greeting cards in advance has a suitable motif ready for every occasion.

Our fam vibes tip for you:

Simply enclose a photo of yourself with the folding card for the birth. We bet that after a few years all card recipients will be particularly happy about this individual highlight? It's just a pleasure to "add" an extra spark of joy and love in this way and to revel in the memories of this wonderful moment years later. Of course, you can also use our cards in a completely different way. Whether as an invitation to a baby shower or christening or even as a thank you card for all the good wishes you have received - birth cards always make hearts beat faster. Above all, however, with a view to sending congratulations to the parents from friends, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues, cards on the birth play an important role. Is there a more beautiful way to express joy?