PARTNERLOOK - mother & daughter

Partner look for mom and daughter

Fam vibes launches the quality family collection that has been long awaited. The joie de vivre, the verve and the affectionate charisma of the models let the traditional values ​​of the family flourish again. The attention that the current collection receives emphasizes the new view of the family as a place of closeness, love and security. But it also expresses the lively fashion that appears here in practical and shapely designs. The partner look for mother and daughter shows the deep connection and belonging together in the family. Looking like mom and feeling comfortable in chic fashion is a little girl's dream. This dream comes true with fam vibes fashion. The partner look of mother and daughter is winning more and more hearts. With this fashion, completely new parameters are set for family-friendly designs and cuts.

Fashion with a very natural charm

fam vibes fashion shows a very natural charm. The sweaters, shirts or dresses for women and girls have a feminine look thanks to their delicate colors and subtle cuts, which are very understated and suitable for everyday use. You can, may and should move well in the models. Family life gets a positive and friendly emphasis with fam vibes fashion. This fashion is used for cuddling, romping and playing. It is a fashion brand for life-affirming people and their children. The charming parts can be combined in different ways and can also be worn with jeans or shorts. The appealing prints offer a beautiful look by emphasizing the front of the sweater and shirts. They express positive feelings about family life with their lettering. The partner look of mother and daughter, for example, gets a nice emphasis on the feeling of togetherness with the imprint "Soulmate". The delicate pastel tones loosen up the casual cuts and bring feminine nuances to the collection. Cuts that are a bit oversized can be worn for snuggling up on the couch as well as for a walk through the park. You always look neatly dressed and never overdressed. The secret lies in the quality of the fabrics and manufacturing, the chic models show class and style, but also allow every movement and activity in everyday life. This is what women and children have always wanted: fashion for a casual everyday look that is smart enough for school, the office or a stroll through town.

Partner look of mother and daughter from sustainable production

The production of the new fashion line is entirely dedicated to the current environmental awareness. You can buy the beautiful fashion from sustainable production and made from an eco-material. The pure cotton flatters the skin and is also well tolerated by allergy sufferers. With the high quality standards for material and sewing, the manufacturer is committed to family-friendly ideas that also keep the children's health and future in mind. The cotton was grown and processed without chemical agents. With this pure quality, the principle of sustainability can be brought closer to the customer without reducing the quality of the products. With the eco-label, high-quality fashion for mother and daughter that is suitable for everyday use becomes a living example of environmental protection. The soft cotton material offers many advantages, it is easy to care for and will not fade in color easily with constant wear and frequent washing. The natural material is not harmful to the environment, even the degradation process remains clean. The material is compostable and is quickly reabsorbed from the soil without leaving any residue.

Enjoy family with the partner look of mother and daughter

Enjoy family with fam vibes fashion program. With the convenient shopping via the online shop you get the opportunity to save time and effort. The delivery of the items to the front door promises a problem-free trying on at home and you can return the items if something doesn't fit. The family has more time for each other and does not have to stress out in the valuable hours spent together in the changing rooms. You have your hands free for your children and can relax and enjoy shopping. The different models are available in different sizes and in many colors. Check out the fashionable collection and let your family shine with the well thought-out outfits from fam vibes. Here you will find fashion for everyday family life and the particularly fine pieces that have the best prerequisites for young and old to live together. You can enjoy the time with the kids with the chic designs from fam vibes while dressing fashionably and chicly.

Fashion from fam vibe as a sweet gift idea

A special kind of gift idea is fam vibes fashion. Grandparents, godparents and aunts can make their eyes shine with the stylish models. The practical and high-quality fashion in the partner look of mother and daughter is a useful, beautiful and long-lasting gift for the family. A voucher for the young mother shows a lot of love and empathy. Mothers and daughters simply feel good in the enchanting models.