PARTNERLOOK - father & daughter

Partner look for father and daughter

The partner look for father and daughter is the hip fashion pleasure from fam vibes. The collection for open-minded fathers and fashion-conscious daughters is ideal for everyday life and for happy hours in your free time. With the partner look of father and daughter, families show the cohesion and security in being together. The new values ​​given to family life are visible with chic fashion. In addition to the models for father and daughter, there are also styles that can be combined for the whole family. Each model can be purchased individually or combined with other parts. Fam vibes has the models manufactured sustainably and from high-quality materials.

Fashion for active families

With fashion from fam vibes, everyday activities are a beautiful thing, the movement-friendly cuts are comfortable and offer plenty of scope for active people. Sweaters and shirts are made from an elastic and stretchy material that makes every model a favorite thanks to its easy-care features. The chic models dry quickly after washing and can also be ironed inside out. The stylish prints show statements or labels and are ideal for trendy combinations with jeans designs, and the modern cuts allow for comfort as well as activities. Whether you want to cuddle in the sweaters or wear them for cycling and jogging, the choice is entirely up to the families. The chic models are suitable for school, for leisure activities and for strolling through town. Universally applicable, they offer the ultimate fashion experience for father and daughter in a partner look. With this fashion you simply feel at home. fam vibes would like to convey these feelings of loving togetherness in the family and make them a statement for family life in everyday life for every viewer. The modern family is fashion-conscious and very comfortable when it comes to their activities. You want to feel comfortable in all activities with the children. For modern fathers, the partner look of father and daughter is a must.

Sustainability and environmental protection at fam vibes

Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues at fam vibes. The materials were produced without the use of genetic engineering and without chemical agents in plant production. The high-quality cotton products can also be worn by people with allergies, there are no irritants in any of the colors that would cause intolerance. The chic fashion is made from a very environmentally friendly material that is produced according to the principle of sustainability, which you can answer to your children with regard to environmental protection. The sustainably produced fabrics are biodegradable and do not generate waste. If you not only want to offer your children fashion but also a clean environment, you can shop at fam vibes with a clear conscience. The special articles convince from the material production to the wearing comfort.

Combinations for stylish families

Trendy fashion for stylish families does not have to pollute the environment, does not require sacrificing comfort and freedom of movement. You can actively enjoy your life with the children and still dress smartly and upbeat. The smart prints invite you to try them out and see how friends and acquaintances react to them. With the fam vibes collection you can buy an attractive wardrobe that is just good enough for the best time in life. The high quality of the models makes them a lot of fun to wear and protects you from having to buy more clothes. Even after many washes, the high-quality material is beautiful to look at and the colors do not yellow. The easy-care equipment offers comfort and convenience. With these models, daughters conquer the world with their fathers and show themselves to be fashionably up-to-date. The fam vibes collection has that certain something that families want, a stylish and attractive appearance with low maintenance. With this fashion you are perfectly up to the challenges of everyday family life. Check out the combinations from the other categories and combine for your family the personal style that best expresses your family life. The chic prints with statements offer you the eye-catchers that you desire.

Order conveniently online and save time for the family

You can conveniently order fashion for families online and buy each piece individually or as a set. Home delivery has many advantages, you can try on the fashion with your offspring at home and do not have to spend time in department stores. The partner look for father and daughter can be easily selected on the PC and will then be conveniently delivered. With the return option, you don't take any risks with your purchase. The convenient payment methods are another plus, you don't need cash to pay and you just do everything online.

Fam vibes fashion as a loving gift

Fam vibes fashion makes an excellent gift. Godparents, grandparents or friends are often looking for a suitable gift for families. Why not use the stylish fashion idea from fam vibes and make the young family happy? The designs by fam vibes are naturally beautiful and inspiring.