Unser Liebling Alexandra (settebello_hh)

Our darling Alexandra (settebello_hh)

Every day we discover inspiring profiles on Instagram and connect with so many lovely people. We really enjoy working with bloggers. Cooperation often leads to good acquaintances or even friendships. Now we've decided that from now on we'd like to present a favorite blogger to you every month here in the Favorites category on our blog. There are so many blogs and accounts that inspire with great texts and pictures and we want to show you exactly THEM!

Today we start with dear Alexandra, who calls herself @settebello_hh on Instagram and on her blog Siebensonnen.de about many exciting topics reported.

Spend parental leave abroad? - Why not?! The Hamburg family of fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger Alexandra faced this adventure in southern Italy (Amalfi Coast & Sicily). Alex is a fully qualified lawyer who expresses her passion for fashion and travel - especially to Italy - in the form of her blog Siebensonnen. In addition to the posts and contributions, she also expresses that she is a mom with body and soul.

So it's no wonder that one or the other picture in the sweet "mini-me look" with her daughter can be found on her account. In addition to fashion and everyday life as a mom, Alex is happy to report on her travel experiences with a focus on Italy. If you are looking for tips for traveling with kids, should definitely check out her blog. It is clear that it is important to her to provide readers with helpful and inspiring impetus on the subject of travel through personal experiences and the recommendations derived from them.

Born in Hamburg, is happy to provide exclusive insider tips about her beloved hometown. The description of her Instagram posts is decorated with experiences from her everyday life and she puts a lot of effort into communicating with her followers in the comments. Over time, a community has developed that regularly exchanges information and supports one another. Her pictures radiate joie de vivre, positivity and personality. As a reader, you can clearly feel that she wants to express her passion and that she does so successfully.

Speaking of personal: Alexandra regularly supports fundraisers and social projects, as you can read on her blog in the Charity category.

In a nutshell: With her 41.3k followers on Instagram, Alex not only has a large reach, but also a very big heart. Feel free to visit her!