Interview mit Heike vom Heede vom Familieninstitut

Interview with Heike vom Heede from the Family Institute

To all moms and moms to be - watch out!

Founding a family is the most beautiful thing in the world for many and at the same time brings with it many challenges. For this exciting time we have a few exciting tips for you from Heike vom Heede from the family institute.

Some time ago we announced the interview with Heike from the Family Institute on Instagram and gave you the opportunity to send us any questions you would like Heike to answer.
These included a great many interesting questions and we picked out the most popular questions and asked them to Heike.

First, Heike vom Heede from the Family Institute introduces herself and gives you a little insight into her everyday life, her company and explains why she loves her job so much. 🥰

H: I am a teacher, mother of two sons - and founder of the Heike vom Heede family institute in Düsseldorf.
For over 10 years I have been able to contribute and pass on my knowledge and experience in private family counseling. To you as a family – but also to my team. This is how a holistic and highly qualified counseling concept was created, which is constantly being further developed through intensive dialogue with parents and experts from all areas. This also includes ongoing training and the integration of new methods and approaches.

For me, the family institute is more than just a job – it is close to my heart.

Because the work here is as varied as life itself. Because it has so much to do with trust and further development. And because it's always about people. For me, there is nothing nicer than accompanying a young family on their way from pregnancy to baby gymnastics and the playgroup to private family counseling.

So that you are well prepared for the coming time, here are your questions:

1. Can you reach the Family Institute in an emergency with open questions? In case you don't have a midwife?

H: The family institute can be contacted at any time by phone or email. During the week, my employees are there for you from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., will answer your questions about our courses and put you in touch with our network and beyond.

Of course you can also contact us if you haven't found a midwife.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our midwife will be able to give you an appointment, although they try very hard to accommodate you in their practice at our institute record.

Unfortunately, the current situation of midwives often does not allow this.

Heike is also trained as a birth attendant and can help you with advice and action in a birth preparation course and parenting course, with the exception of medical care. You also have the option of booking Heike for individual appointments.

2. How can I influence my child to have a good attitude towards healthy eating?

H: When it comes to nutrition, it is very important that you not only look at it - how do I feed my child?, but that you look at it yourself - how do we feed ourselves? What is important to me when it comes to nutrition, which nutrients do I take in in the morning, which at noon, etc.

Because the child wants to go to YOUR table! The first time, of course, you feed it with baby food that you prepare yourself so that your little darling gets to know the real flavors. So that's what Mama's broccoli tastes like!
The same goes for fruit. You can't prepare everything yourself if you want to use certain types of fruit that aren't available in winter.
It's important that you buy organically grown products and also pay attention to where it comes from.You parents have to realize that you are responsible for cell formation and organ formation in babies and small children
Don't give the children any sweetened or spiced porridge. A glass for on the go - that's ok! But also look carefully at which company you can use the product with a clear conscience.
A big wish of mine: don't get the children used to the Quetschies. One from time to time is ok, but we take the children away from eating and table culture.
Before you start complementary food, as parents, make yourself aware - how do we want to feed our child, how do we feed ourselves and what do we have table rules or not? and if so, what will they look like?
A nicely set table and meal breaks are equally important so that the children's appetite is there at mealtimes. You should be happy to eat what you offer your children yourself.
The book “Die kleine Löffelei” from KAWA Verlag is also a good read to start with complementary food.

3. Is swaddling good for the baby? If yes why?

Swaddling can help your little, newborn sweetheart so that it doesn't get startled by sudden noises and jolts and spread its arms and legs jerkily. It is often torn from its relaxation by the movement.

The swaddle or swaddle helps ensure that the child has felt the movement and that the little arms do not stretch out backwards.

Swaddling is a wonderful thing for newborns and in the first few weeks, but it must only be done on your back, not on your sides or on your stomach.

It is important that you have a midwife show you how to swaddle so that you can be sure that it is being used correctly. You should also get the OK from the pediatrician beforehand, since swaddling is still viewed critically by some.

Swaddling can be wonderful for crying babies, or even for children who have a hard time falling asleep. If your baby is relaxed and doesn't get scared easily, then you don't have to swaddle them. But for many babies, the jump from their tummy to our arm is so exciting that they are frightened by their own movement when laying down in their crib - and swaddling helps the children to fall asleep much more easily.

VERY IMPORTANT: Always only with reinsurance of the specialists!

We would like to thank Heike for the interesting and detailed answers and hope that you enjoyed the interview as much as we did.😊