WELCOME BABY - Erstausstattung für werdende Eltern

WELCOME BABY - initial equipment for expectant parents

Baby essentials: what do I really need?

Two weeks have now passed since the birth of our son. We've allowed ourselves a lot of rest in the last few days, cuddled a lot and tried to sleep a lot - which didn't always work out so well :)

Of course, I tried to prepare myself as well as possible during pregnancy - to find the best possible equipment for our baby, in order to then make the time after the birth as practical, easy and beautiful as possible. After the birth, you quickly notice which products are practical and which are superfluous. The recommendations that I am now presenting to you relate to my very personal and own experience. So, let's go:

Recommendations as preparation for the birth and the time afterwards

I have two recommendations for you as good preparation during pregnancy that really come from the heart. On the one hand, I would like to recommend the " Becoming a Parent" course from dear Heike . I took part in the course without any expectations and felt so well taken care of as a pregnant woman. I have known Heike for some time and love her factual and loving way of mediation. She introduced us to great products, which is why I really avoided a lot of bad buys! In addition, she prepared us for topics in childbirth that you as an expectant mother simply do not have on your screen and that you are only confronted with after the birth. So take the time and invest in this wonderful preparation! Another tip from me is the book " The midwife consultation hour ". Shortly before the birth, I found it very exciting to read it and research the background.

What our baby needs at the changing table

We really enjoy using our changing table! We first had to test and develop the winding routine. Meanwhile, Dad, Mini and I are a well-rehearsed team. On the recommendation of the midwife, we stopped using wet wipes after a few days so as not to irritate the skin on the baby's bottom. That's why we can't imagine life without the following products: bowl of warm water, heat lamp over the changing table (the little one loves it - a must-have for me), at least two washcloths (we use one wet and one dry), oil and cream for irritated skin from the Bahnhof-Apotheke . In addition, the following things should not be missing from us: Dry facial tissues, a small brush, burp cloths, a towel, diaper pail and of course the diapers.

Baby equipment for the living room and bedroom

We decided on a Babybay Maxi side bed and are very satisfied with it. We found our little bed almost unused on Ebay classifieds and decided on a variant on wheels (very practical). I then bought a matching mattress and two covers for the bed. A must-have for us is also the CosyMe Sleeping bag. The little one feels very safe in it, the neck is supported and the sleeping bag is easy to care for. We have a second sleeping bag from Emma & Noah . It fits perfectly and is adjusted to our room temperature. We like to do that to fall asleep moonie rabbits at. We already have the feeling that the sounds have a calming effect and so far we have been able to fall asleep really well. In addition, we use the nursing pillow, two baby blankets and a night light that is not too bright in our bedroom a lot. In the living room, the little one very often lies in his nest. Here, too, he feels safe and likes to sleep often!

First equipment in the wardrobe

In the first two weeks we mainly had practical clothing in use. This includes three wool-silk bodies that I really wash up and down so that the little one can sleep in them too. We have a few other cotton bodies that can be completely unbuttoned, making them easy to put on. For warm legs and feet we love comfortable leggings with high or no cuffs and our mini socks in white and with green stripes . We also use theComfy Baby Sweater a lot. It's a bit big for a 14 day old baby and you have to roll up the sleeves, but the soft cotton material is so nice and comfortable and the button placket at the neck makes it really easy to get your head in and out. We also have an outdoor overall made of wool for our first walks and 1-2 hats.

A little tip for grandma & grandpa's first visit - we gave each of them a cup. So they had something to take home as a souvenir from their first visit to their grandson: Grandma cup , Grandpa cup

I want to reiterate that every baby is different and has different needs. I have personally had good experiences with the products mentioned and can recommend them to you. We have also created a checklist for you to check off the important baby essentials!

You can use this link to download and print out the checklist as a PDF -> CHECKLIST

I hope our checklist will help you to get an overview of what you need for your baby during pregnancy . But the most important thing is that you look forward to the arrival of the new family member and enjoy the time!