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Women's fashion - dresses for every type

Women's fashion dresses at fam vibes: different looks to match with the family

Women's fashion and dresses – for many women, these belong together! No wonder, because hardly any other piece of clothing offers the opportunity for so many different looks for almost every occasion. Mothers in particular like to wear dresses. Here you can find out what you should look out for when buying and how your look can become an eye-catcher!

Women's fashion dresses: the checked dress with flounced sleeves

Clothes come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. A particularly beautiful look is the dress with flounced sleeves, which is the perfect companion at events: it makes you look stylish and self-confident without being overdressed.

If you are looking for a special model for the holiday season, the dress with flounced sleeves is also an excellent choice. Because here the fashionable, playful checked design is combined with nonchalance.

The great checked dress with ruffled sleeves from the Women's fashion dresses category can be worn not only at events or on beautiful Christmas days with the family. It is also the perfect look in everyday life and can be combined in a variety of ways to create a wide variety of looks. Whether casual with tights and boots or with high heels and trench coat. The dress from the category women's fashion dresses is always the best choice.

Which clothes suit whom?

Basically, of course, you should always wear what you like! However, there are of course certain types of clothing that suit individual body types particularly well and best emphasize your assets. Here you can find out which clothes from fam vibes suit your body type.

The perfect clothes for the A type

The A-type is quite common among women and is characterized by narrow shoulders and broad hips as well as strong thighs. Like the eponymous letter A! With this body type, you create visual balance by focusing on the shoulders. This is achieved with exciting patterns in the area of ​​the upper body and dresses that play loosely around the hips. Dresses with a heavily emphasized waist also cut a beautiful figure. Tight-fitting stretch and sheath dresses, on the other hand, do the A-type no favors and are unnecessarily bulky.

Women's fashion dresses: These models are the V-type

The V-type is basically the inverted A-type: these women have narrow, slender hips and pronounced shoulders. Proportions can be balanced here with asymmetrical dresses. The dresses can be exciting in the thigh area and puff out the hips with flounces, folds and ruffles. On the other hand, you should avoid puff sleeves and other accessories that emphasize the upper body.

O type: flattering dresses for this body type

O types are characterized by a generous bust size and a small waist. Weight is mainly gained on the stomach - arms and legs appear comparatively narrow! With this physique, you should make sure to create a waist. This works with wrap dresses and A-lines, but plunging necklines also create a beautiful figure. But the same applies here: shift dresses and stretchy dresses do not flatter the O-type.

The sporty H-type

H types look sporty in particular: here the shoulders, hips and waist are about the same width.To create more curves with this androgynous physique, you should reach for A-dresses and wrap dresses. These conjure up a great waist in no time! In contrast, you should therefore avoid boxy dresses.

Stage the X-type

Anyone who belongs to the X-types can be happy: Thanks to the narrow waist and the hips and shoulders that are about the same width, you can wear almost anything. With sheath dresses you flatter your curves in the right places, with V-necks, wrap dresses or A-lines you emphasize your assets even more clearly. Here you can let off some steam in fashion!

Women's fashion dresses in a partner look with the family

As a mother, you certainly appreciate a comfortable dress: Many models are comfortable enough for everyday use and still look chic. If you want to go with your little ones in a partner look, you can dress your daughter in the same model. You'll both be stylish and show the whole world that you belong together!

Find your dream dress at fam vibes

At fam vibes you can find the perfect partner outfit for you and your little one with just a few clicks. Here you can not only shop for a chic dress, but also styles from a wide variety of styles that support you in everyday life: The little daughter can romp and play carefree with the comfortable and light fabrics and you can easily keep up with the same style!