Die bunte Welt der Materialien: Baumwolle und Viskose

The colorful world of materials: cotton and viscose

Whether cotton or viscose, each material has certain properties that must be taken into account in order to ensure that the fabrics remain durable and comfortable to wear. Proper care is the be-all and end-all. Everyone prefers to wear a freshly washed shirt that feels like new.

The information about what fabric your garment is made of can be found on the care label - next to a series of symbols that tell you how you should clean your garment and, most importantly, how not. Here is an overview of the materials used in our products:

cotton, organic cotton

Cotton is a strong, natural fiber that has been used for many thousands of years and is still the most commonly used in the textile industry today.

The material stands out due to the positive properties of breathability and a comfortable fit. Our fam vibes sweatshirts are made from cotton and sustainably dyed.


Viscose is a natural fiber made from natural raw materials (eucalyptus, pine and beech wood). The fibers are obtained from the raw material cellulose and are combined in a mixture of cotton and silk.

The viscose convinces with positive properties, such as the cooling feeling on the skin and the pleasant wearing comfort. At the same time, you notice how breathable the fabric is. Viscose owes its flowing look to silk. Our fam vibes blouses and dresses are made of viscose.

How are cotton and viscose cared for?

Both materials are easy to care for and easy to clean in the washing machine. It is important to us to use natural products both in the production and in the care of the textiles in order to protect nature. The online shop Kaëll from Düsseldorf has specialized in naturalness and sustainability. The range extends from biodegradable cleaners to detergents. The special thing about the products is that they are all free of parabens, synthetic dyes and phosphates. There are also no enzymes or fabric softeners included. A small drop is enough for one wash. Therefore, the products are not only efficient but also economical to use.

Cotton is easy to clean with Leine Weber detergent. It smells of jasmine and powdery sandalwood. Despite the gentle ingredients, the stains are removed and the luminosity of the colors is retained. Kaëll completely dispenses with aggressive ingredients in the products, which means that all products are particularly skin-friendly.

The Hautnah detergent is suitable for viscose. The formulation is mild and the natural ingredients ensure the luminosity of the colors. The detergent does not contain any brighteners, chlorine or fabric softeners and even manages to make roughened silk fibers shine again.

The miracle cure for wrinkles and creases in clothing and textiles is simply sprayed onto the affected area, pulled into shape and smoothed out. Once the affected area has dried, it is not only free of wrinkles and creases, but also gives the fabric a pleasantly gentle scent. Due to its size, wrinkle-free is a great replacement if you don't have an iron at hand.