Unser Liebling Tini Busch (tini_busch)

Our darling Tini Busch (tini_busch)

Our darling Tini Busch

Today we introduce you to another favorite person who fully embodies the following qualities. Positivity, joie de vivre and happiness are the perfect short description for the content of Tini's profile.

Tini is a cheerful, life-loving and, above all, communicative person who reports realistically about her everyday life on Instagram and infects other people with her warm nature. She presents her outfits in the story every day in a relaxed manner and enjoys the summer in a white bed in the garden - just Tini.

Your contributions consist of everyday, holiday and fashion photographs, which you show, for example, on a short trip with your girls to Mallorca. Every post posted is unique and at the same time her signature and dedication runs like a red thread through the profile.

The positivity and lightness with which Tini visibly masters her everyday life, she passes on to other moms in mother-light workshops.

Short explanation: Mutterleicht is a network of independent coaches who offer workshops for women who want to live their lives freely and in harmony with their families. No matter what phase of life, women are supported on their way to gaining new ideas and inspiration for everyday life and the compatibility of work and family.

As a mother-light coach, Tini supports women in living a life of full fulfillment and ease and in being convinced of themselves and their own strength. She regularly offers workshops throughout Germany, including in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich. But it's not just the mums who attend the workshop who benefit. In her posts, Tini herself repeatedly makes it clear how fulfilling it is for her to support women and give them impetus to live in happiness and full of self-love.

Have we piqued your interest? Then take a look at Tini's blog, which offers you more information about workshops: Click here for the workshops